Welcome to our high school class web site

The reunion was great! Thanks to everyone that helped organize it.

Do you remember this classmate?

Jimmy Burnett

I am still working on this web site. It should be stable now. I am now working on adding features. The random classmate on the home page (above) is an example.

I have changed the way you navigate around in the yearbook. I hope it makes it easier. Let me know what you think.

If you leave your mouse pointer over anyones picture for a few seconds you should get a pop up balloon with contact information for that person.

You can update your contact information on this web site by going to your picture in the yearbook and clicking on it. This is new and could still have bugs. If you see any problems let me know.

Twitter updates are another new function in test. Whenever someone does update their information a twit is sent to the followers of BCHS1979 at twitter.

Try the "Map" link in the left side menu. Give it a second and see our geographic dispersion.

If you have any pictures from the reunion that you would like to contribute send them to me at steve.stivers@bchs1979.com.

Check out the links in the left sidebar!

Let's get connected!
For Facebook users:
I have set up a Facebook group for our class. Just go into facebook and search on "Breckinridge 1979".
The groups full name is "Breckinridge County High School Class of 1979".

For Twitter users:
Our twitter account is BCHS1979. Just follow along for the latest news.
Now whenever someone updates their contact information here a twit is sent to the followers of BCHS1979 at twitter.

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Contact me:
Steve.stivers at bchs1979.com
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